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A good trimming service for your trees can be beneficial as this can promote healthy growth. At the same time, having your trimming and pruning done by professionals will guarantee results and avoid damages and unnecessary expenses. Improper trimming could potentially cause severe damage to your trees. Therefore you should always call an experienced arborist to get it done for you.

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Tree Removal Made Easy

Timely removal of your trees can prevent damage to your home and business while preventing future hazards to you and your loved ones. Castro Tree Services LLC will take this matter most seriously and use the most effective and safest techniques intended to minimize environmental impact while doing so with the lowest possible cost to you.

We’re Your Local Stump Grinding Specialists!

If you want to have your stump removed efficiently, there are several ways to do it. Whether you choose to remove the stump completely or have it ground up, we'll take the burden off of you with the right equipment and tools. We can do anything from cutting the stump, removing it, shredding it, and grinding it in the most efficient manner.

Storm Recovery Services

Big storms and hurricanes can cause significant damage to both your home and your business. Castro Tree Services’ dedicated team is skilled and trained in full-service storm recovery services. We will perform a property assessment and begin restoration services.

 We offer a variety of storm recovery services, including debris clean-up, fallen tree removal, property, and business clean-up. We have the equipment and necessary expertise to restore your property to the best possible condition.

We Provide Free Estimates For Your Tree Removal Needs!

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